WHOOP ASH was born in 2006 when our founder, Sheree Zampino, attempted to cook up something extraordinary with her new found love of honey after reading the best selling book, Secret Life of Bees.

What started off to be a culinary treat turned into a rich and decadent body butter. “When I Googled recipes that contained honey much to my surprise what popped up were recipes that were for the body, topically that is. I learned that honey has been used for thousands of years as a staple in skincare regimens of Royalty. Well, that peaked my interest and presented a new opportunity & challenge! So, I pulled out my big Gumbo pot and I started to play with the best ingredients for nourishment, moisturization & skin preservation.

I gifted it to my most discriminating & particular skin-care junkies, and they were hooked!

The praise and demand was a bit “over the top” I thought, however, their adoration for what I had created was genuine. The world needs this product!,” is what I repeatedly heard.

And what I saw as a pass-time hobby (while my son was in school) they saw as a viable business and must-have daily moisturizer for those like us whose skin needs a little extra love & care. So, WHOOP ASH was born!

What I created in my Gumbo pot was simply comfort food for the skin!


Made with lots of love & kindness!


What is “ash”? Ash or ashy is simply another way of saying dry skin. The dictionary definition of “ashy” or “ashen” means, ‘lacking a healthy skin color.’ It is skin that has a white or grayish appearance on the surface. ALL of us suffer dry & ashy skin, but it is more noticeable on people with darker or tanned skin. Skin that is ashy just needs to be moisturized and nourished so that your natural beauty can come forth.

Our brand promise is that your skin will be immediately transformed from parched & dry to alive & healthy!

Yes, we said it…immediately!

You will notice a difference from the very 1st application of WHOOP ASH body butter cream.