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Holly Robinson Peete

Nia Long

John Salley

Samuel L. Jackson

Jada Pinkett Smith

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“I love this stuff!”

– Jada Pinkett Smith

“I've been fighting this ash for 20 years and never had it whooped so good! Never thought I'd enjoy having my ash whooped! ”

– Samuel L. Jackson

“The product speaks for itself! And the spots on my legs after using Whoop Ash seem to be blending back with my natural tone.”

– R. Grant -News Reporter

“My skin gets extremely dry during various times of the year in the California desert. What I love about Whoop Ash (other than the great name) is that it leaves my skin very moisturized without that greasy residue. It's wonderful!”

– Shaun Robinson, Host 90 Day Fiance, and Author of "Exactly As I Am”

“One of my favorite skin moisturizers for the body! Love the creamy texture! Leaves me feeling moisturized but not sticky or greasy!”

– Adrienne “Gammy” Banfield Norris, Red Table, Positively Gam Podcast

“We LOVE it! Smells so good and works. I swear I have the ashiest kids ever. Great product.”

– Peete Actress, Author, Philanthropist

“You are definitely on to something here... We love it and I look forward to my next batch. I would recommend this to anyone with eczema! Divine Caring Mother Whoop Ash worked wonders on my sunburned skin! ”

– Marcia Hamilton Celebrity Hair Stylist

“I had age spots on my legs and Whoop Ash has helped to even out and blend them back to their natural tone.”

– Anonymous Whoop Ash Customer

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“I love Whoop Ash! The smell is so yummy!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Finally, something that works for us!”

– Nia Long Actress

“Ever since I moved to LA it's been a task keeping my skin hydrated - but with Whoop Ash I can now relax and not be nervous about ashy knuckles...lol! I love it!”

– MC Lyte Rapper, Actress

“This is the BEST product I’ve ever used that actually kept my skin moisturized from shower to shower. My skin was dried out from chemo and radiation treatments but after using Whoop Ash for 2 weeks, I am truly amazed at how my skin feels and looks. Rhonda Fox 5 News in Nashville I LOVE this product!” I love THIS product!”

– Rhonda Fox 5 News Nashville

“I LOVE this product! I love THIS product!”

– John Salley Wellness Expert /NBA Champion /TV Host

“I love the richness & thickness of Whoop Ash. We live in a windy climate and I gots’ta WHOOP some ASH on my son’s knees, ankles, and elbows every morning. Tisha Campbell Martin Actress I had age spots on my legs and Whoop Ash has helped to even out and blend them back to their natural tone.”

– Tisha Campbell Actress

“My little boy (18 months old) had such severe dry skin on his back that it felt like sandpaper! I tried my Whoop Ash on it and in just 2 days his skin was back to being baby soft!”

– Lisa Caring Mother

“Sometimes a product comes along that’s so genius we want to shout it’s name from the rooftops. In the case of Whoop Ash, a new uber-moisturizing cream, we decided it might be more ladylike to write about it! Created by Will Smith’s first wife, Sheree Zampino, the totally organic cream is chock full of hydrating white honey, mango and shea butter—a luscious combination that keeps dry, flaky skin moisturized from sunup to sundown. It also doubles as a brilliant foot and hand treatment (simply slather it on at bedtime while you’re still wet from the shower, slip on gloves or socks, and wake up to supple, smooth skin). Here’s to whooping some serious ash! ”

– Essence Magazine