WHOOP ASH to the Rescue!

WHOOP ASH is a true body butter made of the finest all natural ingredients that you can use anywhere. It works for all different ages, skin colors and skin types. It combats the factors that lead to dry, depleted skin…in other words, it Whoops that Ash!

Our mission is to constantly inspire and empower our beauty community, so that you can feel confident in your skin. Sheree Elizabeth, Inc is committed to providing products that cater to the ethnic personal care market, with a focus on African Americans. We understand this is an underserved market segment with specific needs, where there is room for a WHOOP ASH product line. This product line will be further developed once we’ve had a successful launch of the WHOOP ASH Body Butter Cream and is used widely.

WHOOP ASH is in a class by itself. Most body butters and lotions contain a high water percentage which makes them feel watery or thin when applied. WHOOP ASH is made from a highly concentrated formula of ingredients. A key ingredient is shea butter, which is highly absorbent and gives a faster effect of moisturizing and nourishing to the skin. Shea Butter has been known to help with dry skin, the regeneration of the skin, eczema, rosacea, stretch marks, and protection against the sun's damaging rays. 

WHOOP ASH is also one of a few body butters on the market to contain white honey; a probiotic that stabilizes the skin and helps the skin retain moisture. Not only does WHOOP ASH have superior dermal absorption, but it also has properties that help to retain what has been absorbed by the skin.

The third component is a high percentage of grape seed oil (5%) which adds important nutrients to the skin, such as vitamin E, A and D. WHOOP ASH is high in antioxidants which help the aging process by keeping the skin nourished and healthy. These vitamins and antioxidants promote excellent elasticity in the skin and hinder the signs/appearance of aging. 

The three components listed above create a synergistic effect - a triple threat some might say! WHOOP ASH is rich with EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids), necessary vitamins (E, A and D), and anti-aging properties. It is 98% all natural with a high percentage of both organic & natural ingredients, and doesn't contain petroleum or parabens, as well as being hypoallergenic.

Some of our core values that were kept in mind while creating WHOOP ASH, is trust, boldness and power, inclusiveness, and an overall fun experience. We understand the struggle that many people face, trying to find a product that is safe, beneficial and truly a fun experience. You should trust that we are using the finest, natural ingredients. The brand is as bold and powerful as the product is. When you apply the product, you know it’s on and you feel it working and it feels substantial. Applying WHOOP ASH should also be a fun experience for you and your skin. Our goal is to position the WHOOP ASH product and the brand, as a leading Body Butter that is effective, universal and affordable. Everyone needs this product, and it was important that we made the product accessible to everyone. 

"When I began, I envisioned an essential natural body cream that would sooth, pamper, moisturize, regenerate, protect and promote beautiful healthy skin and provide a beautiful sheen & glow to the skin without being greasy. Working with the highest quality ingredients, I developed a decadent, concentrated, deep penetrating body moisturizer (or "spread" as I like to call it) that protects the skin from drying and replenishes what has been lost. Blending the enriched elements from the earth's natural resources (primarily shea butter & a hint of honey), WHOOP ASH is a divine oasis of premium organic ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healing properties that softens, nourishes, hydrates, revitalizes and purifies your skin."

-  Sheree Zampino, Founder/Creator of WHOOP ASH

WHOOP ASH is still thriving with many five-star reviews. After taking a break in 2015, and then relaunching in 2020, we have been determined to provide our customers with the utmost customer service and deliver quality products worldwide. WHOOP ASH is truly one of Sheree Zampino’s prized possessions that she is honored to share!